We secure and manage contracts with PPOs, insurance carriers, and third party payers on a national, regional, and local level, allowing clinic owners more time with patients. With a full suite of contracting, marketing and insurance industry resources, Upstream, through Preferred Therapy Providers, creates a platform for opportunities to increase patient access to independent therapy practices. Preferred Therapy Providers offers the following benefits of membership and more:

Healthplans/PPO Contracts: A team of experts initiate, procure and manage multiple insurance contracts with commercial plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and workers compensation insurers.
Flexibility: Network members have access to all contracts available in a specific market, which allows providers to opt in or out of agreements to meet the needs of your business.
Security: Our existing payer agreements protect providers from arbitrary reimbursement reductions.
Marketing support: Preferred helps optimize resources for business growth and development with numerous marketing and support services.
Customer service: Friendly, knowledgeable and personal support for contracting, claims and marketing questions.
Vendor access: Substantial discounts on supplies and services through an established network of rehabilitation vendors.

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